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The past couple of years have seen technological advances that have equipped photographers with brand new tools with which to capture, and present their stories to the World.

To recognise this The PPY first created this category in the 2008 awards to allow photographers to showcase their mastery of this emerging strand of our industry.

In Multimedia you can enter up to 3 pieces of 'new media' journalism where the entrant captured the content during the qualifying period.

This is to be uploaded in the form of a web link to the location of where the piece is hosted, eg: Vimeo, YouTube or even a personal website.

Each piece will be narrative driven and should demonstrate a refreshing way of presenting still images, but could contain some elements of video, graphics and captioning as well as sound, voice over or commentary.

The only restrictions are for it to be self-advancing (i.e: once started, it will play to the end without the viewer needing to use navigation) and have a maximum running time of 15 minutes.

If the piece is a collaboration please make sure that the appropriate credits are supplied with the links.